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The Recipe Radio Show

The Recipe, the premier media outlet for underground/Independent Hip Hop from Detroit and beyond. We will bring you the talk on who’s hot, up and coming and who’s got those “oh you gotta rewind that” bars. DJ Dirty White aka White Boy Ric brings his knowledge of the early hip hop scene in Detroit and stories of his own shenanigans ripping stages from the Clem and across the nation. Chris Wiz has put in 10 plus years on the scene here in Detroit networking with everyone from major label artists to cats still recording at they momma house. Being a Hip Hop connoisseur, he will share some thoughts and give some counter thoughts to artists Ric might not quite feel the same about, to say the least. Brittney aka Breezy is here to mix up the vibe from the other two male hosts and give a woman’s perspective on Hip Hop today and bring us the current Hip Hop news, she too has first hand experience working with artists across the nation and will keep Ric & Wiz in check with her ever so boisterous opinion on all that is mentioned in her own fabulous way (she made me write that) so tune in EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT FROM 9-11

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