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Diffuse Radio Debuting NEW Villebillies Track “Ride” on Sunday

VERY EXCITED to announce that we will be dropping a BRAND NEW Villebillies track on Sunday. The track will be called “Ride” Tuck sent us the track for an early listen, and we’re floored. Easily one of the best tracks to come out of that camp, ever. Can’t wait to premiere the song Sunday morning! The boys will also be calling in to The Dirty Words Radio Show later that evening to talk about the new album…

If you like REAL country/bluegrass… And REAL Hip Hop… You need to check these guys out.

NO it doesn’t sound like Nelly going country, or Ludacris going country. These boys are the truth…

  1. Christy

    3 years ago

    Villebillies are awesome!!

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