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A Letter From The President

“A captain is only as good as his team.”


I cannot take credit for building Diffuse all by myself. There were a lot of friends & supporters that

have lent a hand in one way or another, along the way. I would personally like to thank each & every

one of you. For everything. From the help moving into the new studio, painting, web design, promoting

the network, pep talks, and ideas. You all have been my rock. My reason to keep working my ass off

Ready to take over the world… Thank You EVERYONE for sharing the news, promoting the network, and

everything in between. I would like to thank the core team… Every one of these people have helped out

a LOT along the way.

 This radio station is DEDICATED TO YOU!

First of all, my partner in crime for always being patient with me, and helping keep my head on straight…Station Manager: Kenny Louks. – I appreciate you buddy.

Anthony Benacquisto for the incredible website.

Todd & Sandly Bendler for your support, and for giving us a new home in their building.

The Movers: Lonnie Brown, Allison, Lance, Kougaran & Mr. & Mrs. Puzio, Andre, Bo, Remy, Billy Z, Jay, Todd B, Todd P, Kenny E and Erik & His Mini-Me.

The Painters: Todd P, Todd B and Saygan.

Ron Wisswell & Jay Clark for wiring up the studio.

Brian Danowski for the amazing logo and fast turn around.

Dan Rankin for getting us a ton of great music submissions.

CK for the great press release.

Nathan Burns for writing a great bio.

Mike Eckstein & Harmony Jeffries for spreading the word to their media contacts.

Raffi for setting up all of the social network and apps

Tom Rossman & Gold for the photos.

Jason Payne for pointing out that we are the definition of the word Diffuse.

You have all donated your time and services. And I will never forget that. This studio is forever dedicated to you. From the bottom of my heart…


-Ric Pruneda & Diffuse Radio