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Ric Pruneda

Written by Nathan Burns


Born in Mt Clemens, molded by the charm of Anchor Bay, the wisdom of Specs Howard, and the pride of

his family, Ric Pruneda is pure Michigan. Growing up his passion was music. He took charge of his

childhood dream of working in the music industry, put the pen to paper and started to build his future.

The passion of hip hop inspired him to take a shot at the big stage as White Boy Ric. During the early

stages of his music career he toured with the Kottonmouth Kings…but he just couldn’t catch get his big

break. So he kept the mic and brought it behind the computer and turntables and never looked back.

While he never made it big as a rapper he realized where he belonged when he interviewed his biggest

influence, DMC. Interviewing and boosting local talent is what Ric does and does it well.


Though there have been trials and tribulations, Ric has never flinched. He battled against personal

attacks, vandalism and naysayers to emerge as one of the most talented DJs/entreprenuers in the proud

city of Detroit. And just like the Motor City, he has never backed down from a challenge. Like a Phoenix

rising from the ashes Ric birthed Diffuse Radio Network with the drive to have every voice heard. To

build a network that can truly speak to everyone. Not just Detroit radio…but American radio. Diffuse

Radio Network is intertwined in such a progressive and interacting community that is now his family.

However, he notes that the biggest part of the Diffuse Radio Network are the loyal, passionate and

positive listeners that have supported him from day 1.


Ric works tirelessly to make his family happy. That goes for his audience, DJs, advertisers, promoters and

all those behind the scenes. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for his family, and it shows in the loyalty

they have for him…something he’ll never forget. Success is imminent for Ric whether he realizes it or not

because of his skills, passion and the talent that surrounds him.

Welcome to Diffuse Radio Network…



Welcome to Diffuse Radio Network…