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Diffuse Radio Network

“To Spread or Scatter Widely”


The idea behind Diffuse Radio, is to go back to music and radio roots. No more

pay for plays. We only play good music, by good artists. Simple as that. When

radio began, that’s how it was. Radio Jocks broke artists (I.E. Electrifying

Mojo/Prince). We heard a song, and we felt it, so we played it. Record Labels

control media entirely too much these days. Well… Our goal is to take the

power back.


Not only that. But we are a Mom & Pop business, and always will be. We

operate as a family, and look out for each other. Our content is unmatched, and

unlimited in taste. We crave variety… All genre’s, styles, races are welcome at

Diffuse. Pop culture, Music, Sports, Dating advice… We’ve got it all. Our talent,

ranges from fresh out of high school, to fresh into retirement. Literally… No

boundaries… Good radio, is good radio.


So, tune in to something different. Something appealing the world over. Not

just around the block…

We are bold… We are original… We are friends, and we are family…


We are Diffuse Radio.